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Truth or Dare - Board game

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Can you tell the difference between credible bullshit and crazy truths?

  • Could it really be true that Elvis weighed as much as three Britney Spears when he died?
  • That married men tip more in restaurants than single men?
  • And was Saddam Hussein really a big fan of ABBA?

Truth or bullshit is a fun trivia game with over 400 questions where you have to be able to distinguish bullshit and crazy lies from hysterically crazy truths. A different and entertaining trivia game made with a twinkle in the eye and a large portion of humor where we mix science and unnecessary knowledge with nonsense and bullshit in a blissful mess! We can guarantee lots of laughs, funny discussions and surprising answers!

The perfect game for anyone who loves trivia mixed with lots of humor and bullshit!